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February 2011

Kenmore Live Studio
Date Night Hero with Author Craig Priebe

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Words of Wisdom from Craig W. Priebe

Priebe, 42, is the executive chef of Henry Crown & Company (222 N. La Salle St.), a co-author (along with Dianne Jacob) of the new Grilled Pizzas & Piadinas (DK Publishing), and a pizza maniac. He's also pretty interesting, so you might put his free May 29th cooking demo/signing at Macy's on State (111 N. State St.) on your calendar.

"The recipes in the book include my own inventions, like the Jamaican [jerk pork with dark plum chutney, fresh mango, and cilantro], and the New Orleans [blackened crawdads, spicy apricot sauce, andouille sausage, and roasted peppers]."

"A piadina? It's just a flatbread that has very simple fillings. Maybe prosciutto. They are folded but not calzone. Just fold it over and eat it. I think it's going to catch on, like panini; it's just going to take some time."

"I don't have culinary heroes. My heroes are the equipment. The giant stockpots. The 60-gallon steam kettles. Rows of giant deck ovens that rotate. They turned me on. So cool, all that stainless steel."

"Kitchen disasters? The ceiling was leaking really bad, so I complained to the landlord over and over, and one day I'm making dough and standing in a couple of inches of water, and I lean on the mixer. It electrocuted me, knocked me off my feet. Then I find out that the cooks were getting shocked by the steam tables, too. Every now and then they would get a jolt."

"My grandma is 93, and she's still a great Italian cook. She had me in the kitchen since I was a kid with her five-gallon pots of polenta and hundreds of ravioli."

"I want to open up pizzerias. That is in my heart. Grilled pizzerias."


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Priebe's passion for grilled pizza is illustrated in his first cookbook, in which he shares recipes from the Atlanta grilled pizza restaurant he ran for years. Also included are recipes for piadinas (which he describes as folded Italian sandwiches) salads and desserts. He has adapted his recipes for the home cook and explains how they can be made on outdoor grills (charcoal or gas) as well as indoor grills of all kinds-from cast-iron skillets to panini presses. His detailed, step-by-step instructions on rolling out dough, building the dishes and physically putting them on the grill are easy to follow and are accompanied by color photographs. His pizza recipes, broken down into meat, chicken, seafood and vegetable varieties, are fun and innovative-smoked sausage with honey mustard and coleslaw, chicken and plantain with coconut sauce and crab with orange and beet salad, to name a few. Recipes for piadinas (made with grilled unleavened flatbread) and salads are less inspired but still enticing such as the PAT piadina, with pancetta, arugula and tomato, and escarole salad with lemon. Sweet and satisfying dessert recipes call for both pizza and piadina dough, and are grilled versions of traditional favorites like the apple tart and Grasshopper Pie.


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