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Chicago's Best with Ted Brunson, WGN-TV, Chicago, IL (10/17/2010)
Pizza on the Grill
Kenmore Live Studio
Grilled Pizza Cooking class
Chicago, IL
Praise for my book "I have always loved pizza, as everyone who is familiar with my food knows, and grilled pizza has always been a favorite. With Grilled Pizzas & Piadinas, Craig Priebe has taken the pizza-and the piadina-to imaginative new heights. His book is an inspiration."
-Wolfgang Puck
The Gamberian This is the Grand Champion grilled pizza that won top honors at The International Pizza Competition in LasVegas.
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The Asparago When cooked long enough, asparagus becomes soft and buttery Ė so much better than just cooking it until crisp.
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The Símore One summer night I was grilling pizza over a big campfire in my backyard. I realized that in my pantry I had all the makings for Símores,
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